About Sundown Reptiles

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality captive bred reptiles possible.  Every animal we sell is guaranteed to arrive healthy.  By purchasing our captive bred stock, you are gaining access to a lifetime of husbandry support for your animal.  There are no secrets once you purchase an animal from us, as we want our productions to thrive in your care!  

I bought my future cornerstone female from Sundown. A pale extreme that would soon be named Lucid Dream and come to be my most spectacular gecko in my collection. I am so thankful for their patience, and their prompt correspondence during our transaction! Thank you for everything.

Jessica Jackson

I had a wonderful experience buying from sundown reptiles. They were very kind and helpful, prompt with their responses, so that I felt comfortable with the process. My gargoyle arrived safely and is healthy. I couldn't be happier. I would buy from them again and do highly recommend sundown reptiles. Thank you!!

Ashley Ozepy

I bought a gecko back in February, excellent communication and shipping method. Gecko was very healthy looking and started eating right away. Months after the purchase I had questions about lineage and they responded immediately. Overall fantastic experience!

Leslie Parks

I only recently met Bryan at the NARBC TINLEY reptile show. My first and lasting impression of Bryan is that he is a true professional that is knowledgeable and cares a great deal for his animals which in turn provides the community with outstanding TRUE captive bred species. I was able to secure a very healthy well started varanus macraei and Bryan has been supportive when I had questions. I highly recommend Bryan and Sundown Reptiles!

Mark Eugene Dohmen

Sundown Reptiles is not your average company. This brand is among THE BEST in the industry and is run by some of the most passionate and knowledgeable people in the reptile game. I cannot state with enough weight how much a difference Bryan's knowledge makes when you are getting something for the first time or just have a care question. This knowledge is applied to make his animals thrive when you do get them. I have a very large number and value of animals from Bryan from geckos to monitors and EVERY SINGLE animal thrives. Every single time. Period. And the quality? Next level. Not just with the health of the animals but PREMIUM genetics. The pricing? Very fair. When compared to the maket, prices are fair and you get what you pay for. If you choose to grab one of Bryans higher end animals prepare to be impressed. Overall, after two years and many many transactions with Bryan, I can say that whether you are just getting started with reptiles or want those reptiles to upgrade your collection to the next level, Sundown Reptiles is your place!!!

Will West, Exotics Unlimited