Sundown GT Purple Bar (Purple C/A x CAMK x A/MCDM)

Hatch Date: 9/24/23
Weight: 23.5 g
Sire: GT Type A x Mike Conley Dark Morph
Dam: GT Purple Bar C/A/MK X C/A

* First release ever from this pair, and extremely limited, as only two were produced in 2023!!!
An F2 production from my original purple bar pairing, crossed to a MCDM, Type A cross that was produced here.  The goal here was to create even darker offspring while maintaining the color barring of my original Purple Bar offspring.  

*Parents are shown in the second and third photo.  Mother is animal on top of third photo.  The animal underneath her is her sister.    Please contact us prior to purchase if you live outside the USA.  

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